Unique Productions is a leading producer of transport and special interest programming and is behind many of the best known DVD releases of the last twenty years.

Having been in specialist publishing of all kinds for three decades our speciality lies in our understanding of all enthusiast and commercial markets.

Over its long history the Unique team has created such classics as Decades of Steam, Lakes & Legends, the Expert Model Craft series and Flying Scotsman – The Legend Returns. More recently we have been instrumental in the preservation and public release of important archive film though our founding association with Unseen Steam.

As well as producing complete programmes we offer film production options and supply a great deal of content for websites and apps. Through our sister company, Unique Publishing, we also provide a comprehensive range of editorial and book, magazine and web production services.

Shipping of dvd products to the UK is FREE of charge.
Overseas shipping, ie: Anything other than the UK, incurs 10% of the order total, as the shipping cost.